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Useful Christian Content at Pilgrim Stays

Useful Christian Content at Pilgrim Stays

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Useful Christian Content at Pilgrim Stays
« on: August 10, 2020, 11:03:58 AM »
My name is Nicole Kushins. I write to introduce our website *LINK REMOVED* an initiative focused on travel related to the Christian faith. Our aim is to promote a deeper appreciation of Christian art, history and culture. Our website features all the 26 Basilicas in India, the lone International Shrine, all the three National Shrines besides several Cathedrals and beautiful churches of historical significance or architectural merit. The information that we have provided is well researched and accompanied by beautiful images.

I request you to provide your readers the opportunity to access our website and gain from it. Please consider this offer and let us work together towards the common goal of providing quality content to our readers and satisfying their curiosities especially in matters related to Christianity.
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Re: Useful Christian Content at Pilgrim Stays
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As a general rule, we're afraid that advertising websites / links to websites for the purposes of advertising a service is not permitted on the forums, which are intended primarily for discussion. However, we have kept the content of your post, without the advertised link, and instead ask the question to other members to encourage discussion about Pilgrimage:

Have you been on a Pilgrimage anywhere? If so, which places have you visited, and what did you learn?

If you haven't been on a Pilgrimage, would you ever go on one, why might you go on one, and where would you go?
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