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A brief message about basic forum guidelines for all users...

A brief message about basic forum guidelines for all users...

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A brief message about basic forum guidelines for all users...
« on: October 03, 2011, 06:51:26 PM »
Some basic forum guidelines and info

Things not to do:
No name calling, swearing, offensive language, personal insults (debate the issue, not a person, keep focussed) or retaliation.

Things to do:
Treat others as you would like to be treated, stay on topic, promote positive discussion / chat / conversation. Don't use UK Christian Forums as a substitute for any kind of professional or councelling service - if you need it, you need to seek professional help - don't rely on forums, personal opinions and internet interaction*

* Questions and advice about things like personal matters in areas of emotional, medical and mental health are better shared with personal friends or counselling organisations, links to some of which are included here,12277.0.html. You can also search the internet to find relevant professional organisations.

A little more...
We've experienced trouble on the forums in the past with members arguing with each other not with the attitude expected on the forums, and we've also had people joining who are not here for discussion / chat, but instead just want to make a point.

With this in mind, and so no-one is under the illusion that we are completely unbias (no forum is) and all encompassing, with no boundaries (from experience there have to be boundries)...we're afraid we may not be as accommodating as other forums (this is one of the reasons some will always want to start up their own forum - which we understand - then they can decide how accommodating they will be and set their own boundaries on their own forum)! We would say, if you don't like it here, there are plenty of other forums to try with other people and different bias / opinions to join - perhaps you might find something elsewhere on the internet better suited to you needs and requirements rather than cause discouragement amongst the community here. The UK Christian Web main site lists some other UK based forums you can try here:

The way we consider it is that everyone on these forums should be adults, and therefore able to sort things out in an appropriate manor between each other and in a positive way without moderator input :) Infact, we really do expect this to happen without intervention, and will make banning decisions as much on this aspect of any problem as whatever the original actual problem might have been. From previous  experience,  if the moderators need to get involved, a ban will follow - even if warnings are issued first, so it's probably best to avoid situations getting to that point.

We may need to be 'tougher' here at times anyway as anyone can effectively join to ask their questions related to Christianity (and that doesn't generally mean things like wording the questions so as to compare with other religions for example, or other activity not condusive to discussion, or preaching at us).

Banning decisions may also be made in line with the registration agreement a member agrees to when they register on the forums. Note that we wont always issue warnings before a ban depending on the circumstances.

We would prefer not to need to include the above information, but experience over a number of years has shown us that it is important to have guidelines in place if problems occur in the future. It is also one of the pitfalls of being on the internet and bringing together a diverse collection of people who initially at least probably don't know each other at all.

With this in mind, pray for the forums regularly, and we hope you enjoy the forums, and get something from them :)
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